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Happy Life Certification: Keys to an Optimum Life

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Happy Life Certification Keys to an Optimum Life

Happy Life Certification: Keys to an Optimum Life

What you'll learn
You will have one of the three pillars of the Ultimate Happy Life Certification
You will have foundational principles to get you through any situation in life and become the best person you can be.
Student should be ready to take notes and do assignments to help with implementing the knowledge available in this course.
The will to work for personal change.
Happiness is a chemical rush over the brain that gives us the sensations of feeling happy. There are quick routes to short-lived high rush types of happiness and there are discipled routes that create a more sustainable level of ongoing contentment and peace. Most of us fall for the trappings of impulsive happy states of mind as it can be rather addictive. For those of us that reach the point in our lives where we realize that this roller coaster of happiness is too exhausting and preventing us from reaching our long-term goals, depression, anxiety, worry counter balance what becomes a back and forth mindset. We do things to make us happy only to realize that others are advancing while we seem to be spinning on a merry-go-nowhere in life. We need a new plan of action.
Happy Life Certification: Keys to an Optimum Life is one part of a trilogy of courses designed to help people obtain the Happy Life Certification.

If you are looking for a practical way to reach your goals in life and obtain happiness in a consistent and lifelong way, then you will need Principle or what this course fees to as Keys! Perhaps you have all the ingredients and a formula to be happy but your life just isn't happy. Well, then you are missing keys to hold the ingredients and formula together to create an Optimum life of Happiness. Imagine creating an Oil painting depicting the thing you love most in the world. And you want to hang this piece of artwork in a family museum where everybody you love can see it and love it as much as you do. What will you need to make this happen? Well, Will and Desire are the first two prerequisites. So assuming you have met these requirements you'll need three main components to make your masterpiece.

1. A Formula, The understanding of how to mix your medium together, the step by step process of clean canvas to rough draft, to solid draft, the details, to fine tuning, to final touches, the back to forward build up of layers, drying times and cleanup procedures and more...

2. Ingredients, The Canvas, The paints, the brushes, palette knives, the concept, the vision, the subject, the knowhow to use these items


3. Keys, The easel, The drop-cloth, the time, the rule of thirds, understanding of focal point and perspective, ventilation, the knowledge of color, contrasting, complimentary, opaqueness, luminosity, primary and secondary etc... Education about painting.

If you try to create your painting without fully understanding these components your masterpiece will disappoint you and you will not achieve happiness. Without the keys your painting will become a giant mess! This is true if you are making a pizza, without an oven, mixing bowls, utensils, gas, electricity, coal or fire. All you have, is dough, pepperoni, cheese and a great recipe but you will not eat pizza. Whatever you wish to create requires these three components leave out any of them and you have nothing like you want. This course teaches you the Keys to Happiness. The kind of Happiness that is ongoing and sustainable making for an Optimum experience or an Optimum Life! The Keys to an Optimum Life is One component of the Happy Life Certification.

Happy Life Certification: Keys to an Optimum Life will touch on some of the ingredients and the formula so that you can get started right away. The real focus will be in the unpacking of the KEYS. We will go into great detail about principles, life rules, aka the keys a person needs to have an Optimum Happy Life.

Happy Life Certification: Keys to an Optimum Life comes from the world of science and practical experience. The lectures are based upon sound proven principles some of which have been practiced for thousands of years. Coach Hall streamlines hundreds of principles taught by histories masters into few dozen easy to remember, practical and very sensible keys.

This value-packed life changing course contains teachings from Scripture, Science, Philosophy and real life experience shared by dozens of the most successful people in the world today.

Over 50 entertaining videos loaded with animation and lectures designed to keep you engaged.

Lessons are taught in both traditional presentation and story narrative styles.

One course long workbook with image cues to help you easily follow along the lectures

Several other workbooks to be used as assignments to help you with your goals

Each video also has an accompanying MP3 audio version for those that learn on the move.

Common Human Keys

We are Keys ( human design )

EGO keys

Wisdom Keys

When you finish this course, you have the KEY principles needed to obtain an Optimum Happy Life and one of the legs towards the Ultimate Happy Life Certification. This is a stand alone course so you will have enough to start making a huge difference in your life. The keys offered, when put into practice, will have immediate impact on how you see the world, how you make meaning of it and how you respond to it. These principles are what people who are enjoying an Optimum Life are doing in their daily life. If you want to start feeling better about yourself and your world then begin this course and in a few short hours, you'll have the knowledge to make it happen! The its just up to you to start practicing the keys. So what are you waiting for, start creating a Happy Optimum Life, Today!

Enroll today, knowing that If you aren't delighted with this video based training course, claim a full refund within 30 days of purchase!

Who is the target audience?
Anyone looking for a practical way to obtain Ultimate Happiness
Anyone looking to obtain success in one, several or all areas of their lives

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